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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  January 23, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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attacker - by st an attempted kidnapping caught on tape. what police have learned about the attacker by studying should video. >> convicted of child abuse and still on the job. why the teacher remains employed after throwing an autistic child to the floor. >> and back to work for the super bowl-bound 49ers. good evening. surveillance video captures a man trying to kidnap a
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teenaged girl. >> reporter: police admit they do not have a lot of leads so they definitely need the public's help. you'd think all the folks living up there would be living in fear, but it's a tough neighborhood, and they are angry. >> reporter: look closely and you'll see the victim wearing white get snatched from behind and dragged into a dark driveway. it was a violent struggle. she screamed and fought back and got the attention of neighbors. she breaks free and runs down the street. frankie tavares captured the event. >> oh, yeah, you don't come to a neighborhood like this and do that. any neighborhood, but there's sick people out there. >> reporter: police released this sketch saying the suspect
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wore blue dickies with brown shoes stained with white paint. she put up a good fight. >> i'm sure it was frightening for her. she fought back valiantly. >> reporter: a neighbor came running out into the street barefoot in his pajamas when he heard the cried. he even got in his car and circled the neighborhood. >> had you have caught him, what would have happened to him? >> i would have done what i had to do and turn him into the authorities. >> reporter: police wanted to confirm all of the details before getting this out to the public to make sure this case of legit. that's because a couple of days ago, they dealt with a fake report. but this is for real. a bay area school district is coming clean about an abusive teacher. despite being convicted of beating a child, the teacher cannot be fired.
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it all came to light because of a nearly $1 million settlement. >> reporter: the settlement revealed a shocking case of a school district that not only kept the abuse secret but according to the parents here in brentwood, they allowed the abuse to continue. they stormed the department's meeting tonight to get some answers. >> reporter: they were angry, anxious, and afraid. parents of special needs children hearing for the first time why a teacher convicted of child abuse was allowed to keep teaching. >> tenure is a very powerful protection. >> reporter: and under the state education code, a misdemeanor child abuse conviction is not enough reason to fire a teacher. but the parents were not buying the explanation. one sobbing mother expressed the fear all of them felt that their children may have been hurt too. >> i have no idea what went on in this classroom. [ crying ] >> reporter: at the center of
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the storm, dina holder, convicted of throwing a 5-year-old autistic child to the floor and kicking him in a classroom 2.5 years ago. after it was reported, the district merely transferred her to another school. it was this woman's child. >> i don't care what's written down in a procedures manual or anything like that. i think that should be should have took a stand and said we need to get her away from kids. >> reporter: other parents say they want the school superintendent fired. >> for the district to subject our most fragile children is appalling, disgusting. we need answers. >> reporter: but the school district did not have the answers they wanted. >> we followed the advice of legal council under the state education code of california. >> that she's allowed to keep
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teaching. >> yes. >> and you're a parent? >> yes, i am . we followed the california education laws. >> i understand. >> thank you . i'll see you in the meeting. >> all right. >> reporter: that convicted teacher has now been moved to a desk job. but under the terms of the settlement, she has to resign by the end of the school year. the suspects in a shooting at a bart stargz still on the loose -- station are still on the loose. two teenagers were shoot on the walking path near the station. they are expected to be okay. in oakland, police have detained two people in connection with a fire in a vacant victorian on harrison street. the two were rescued from the roof of the burning house just after 5:00. according to the owner, the property is known to house squatters. for the first time in a
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couple weeks, we're actually seeing some rain around the bay area. what's going on? >> we have the rain outside, a wet shot there, san francisco, all of the bay area is pretty soggy right now. it's an invasion of green. none of the rainfall is terribly heavy. there's that smartering of green all over -- smattering of green all over the area. lafayette, walnut creek, concord, pleasant hill and a few specks of yellow near san mateo. the bottom line, it's here to stick around. and the timing will be pretty interesting for your weekend plans. that's coming up. today republican senator rand paul called it the worst tragedy in american history since 911. and he was talking about the attack on the u.s. embassy in benghazi, libya, that filled four americans including the ambassador there, chris stevens. the hearing was
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secretary of state hillary clinton's chance to respond to administration critics. margaret brennan was there. >> as i have said many time, i take responsibility. >> reporter: in her opening statement, the usually reserved hillary clinton said that for her, the benghazi tragedy is personal. >> i stood next to president obama as the marines carried those flag-draped caskets off the plane at andrews. i put my arms around the mothers and fathers, the sisters and brothers, the sons and daughters, and the wives left alone to raise their children. [ crying ] >> reporter: secretary clinton said that while she had a close relationship with the ambassador, his request for additional security never made it to her desk. >> the specific security requests pertaining to benghazi were handled by the security professionals in the department. i didn't see those request, they didn't come to me, i didn't approve or deny them.
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>> reporter: republican senator rand paul said she should be held accountable. >> had i been president at the time and i found that you did not read the cables from benghazi, i would have relieved you of your post. >> reporter: clinton said she constantly thinks of what could have been done earlier. >> i do feel responsible. i feel responsible for the nearly 70,000 people who work for the state department. i take it very seriously. >> reporter: ron johnson accused the obama administration of covering up the nature of the attack in the weeks following the assault. >> we were misled that there were supposed tow proefrts and something sprang -- protests and something sprang out of that. and that was easily ascertained that that was not the facts. and the american people could have known that within days. >> with all due respect, the fact is we had four dead americans. was it because of a protest or guys out for a walk one night who decided they'd go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it
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make? it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from happening again, senator. >> reporter: she focused her testimony on her efforts to fix the security issues at the state department. while security costs have gone up, congress has refused requests for more money and cut the state department's budget. john mccain, a critic of the administration's response to the attacks said clinton's answers were unsatisfactory. >> the american people and the families of these four brave americans still have not gotten the answers that they deserve. >> the forces that guard american's most threatened embassies could soon include women. the pentagon will overturn a 1994 ruling from prohibiting women from serving in combat. >> reporter: the defense
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secretary's order will make women eligible to serve as infantry men in special patrol and the navy seals. however women will have to meet strength standards that could keep them out of units where the physical demands are especially gruelling. combat separations in iraq and afghanistan have already cost more than 130 women their lives and left more than 800 wounded. some like dawn halfacre were on the front lines, commanding a platoon where she lost her arm. >> there's not a bilge difference at all. and -- a big difference at all. and a lot of the missions we did, we did with infantry and filled artillery units. we were all doing the same thing, fighting the same fight. >> reporter: the best machine gunner was victoria rivers who was tapped to go on missions with special forces. >> working side by side with a
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special forces team, it was pretty cool. >> some don't just have the physical strength to do it. >> reporter: the order will open 200,000 more jobs to women, primarily in the army and marines where combat experience is considered a prerequisite to promotion to the top jobs. they will have until the end of 2015 to implement the order. if they want to keep navy seals or green berets offlimit, they will have to justify directly to the secretary of defense. now we're going to switch gears and talk about the super bowl! >> two weeks between the end of the championship game, and the super bowl, what are they working on? >> a lot can happen. but the three things you don't want to do, i call them the 3ds. don't
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get hurt, don't get into any trouble, and don't give the ravens any material! and practice like you're playing in the super bowl. if you practice great, you're going to play great. and that is what jim harbaugh is preaching. and i'm guessing that's what the 49ers did today. they don't have a handful of players at all, or just a handful with super bowl experience. >> the big thing this week is take care of all the off the field stuff. say no to your distant cousins and new friends. just eliminate the headaches. >> ♪ [ inaudible ] ♪ ♪ >> the warriors are playing
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well too. so the fans are getting spoiled right now. >> we ran that sound bite. he is soft-spoken. and joe changed the hat. alex was warned for wearing a hat during a postgame press conference and he would be fined. frank gore got fined $10,000 because he wore his socks too low in the championship. >> i saw that! >> doesn't goodell have something better to do? >> you would think so. what if next week he decides he doesn't want to wear socks? you got it throw it out. inside scoop on where the tm >> so when they go partying, they go here! the 49ers, that is. where is here? the inside scoop on where the team has been celebrating and spending some of that playoff cash. >> and we don't want to alarm anyone, but there is a wing
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shortage looming ahead of the super bowl! the crisis threatening your 49ers feast! ,,,,,,,,,,
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new orleans... we want to flash back to a pretty epic night in san jose. as cbs 5 before the epic party unfolds in new orleans, we want to flash back to an epic night in san jose. the south bay has become a 49ers hot spot. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: the motif lounge was ready for a party on sunday, and that's what it got.
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as first reported by the gossip site, tmz, 49ers stars rushed the downtown san jose nightclub, still wearing their championship caps and toasting their victory over the falcons. tmv got an exclusive shot showing kaepernick and smith partying together. >> the crowd was going crazy. we had, like, 700 people here. i had to turn people away. >> reporter: some of the '9ers have reportedly taken up residence in the luxury high-rise behind the south 1st street nightclub zone. >> i guess i'd be surprised. i never knew they'd be around in downtown san jose. >> there's so many fun places to be in san francisco. but it's cool they like to be down here! >> reporter: headquarters, stadium. the south bay is the '9ers' new home in more ways than one. they eat in the restaurants and shop in the stores. this would make a great option for your super bowl prize winning. >> reporter: he sells a lot of
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cars to the nieber -- niners and their coaches. >> the '9ers have brought a lot of excitement and interest down here. with it, it's just a buzz, it's a buzz that creates excitement everywhere. we saw it with the giants, the earthquakes, and now the '9ers. >> reporter: and speaking of buzz, our source says the 49ers did party hardy, but responsibly as well. if your super bowl menu includes chicken wing, stock up right now. corn prices are at an all-time high. chickens eat lots of corn, so chicken prices are up! farmers are producing fewer chickens as a result! and wings which used to be the cheapest part of the chicken are now the most coveted and the most expensive! wing restaurants say they cannot keep up with the demand. >> come and get them as soon as you can! as soon as you can.
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sooner the better. >> super bowl sunday, this manager expects a wait of two hours for walk-ins. last year, many wing joints cut off preorders days before the big game. and if you're making your own, expect your prices to jump 14% to right around $2.11 per pound. we asked for your picture, and they're pouring in. saldina savage and ricardo serna from san lorenzo doing some synchronized kaepernicking there. >> and this family photo, this is straight out of the 1980s! they all still wear that gear in honor of their grandmother, she says, who you see there in the middle. >> how about this? little gold rush girl ! her mom calls her the cutest little niner fan. [ laughter ] >> gloria hill might disagree. >> oh, boy . >> in this picture of her
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daughter, another future gold rush member, no doubt. >> we can continue the debate! keep them coming in . e-mail your photos or upload them directly. >> by the way, this is your super bowl station! this is where you will watch the super bowl! we are accepting a team of reporters -- sending a team of reporters. they'll have live reports coming to you all week long. >> forecast for new orleans tomorrow, sunshine, 71 degrees. the forecast for the bay area, not 71 degrees! not sunny! raining tonight. a live look outside. how long the rain is going to stick around.
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thanks, paul. ng up hear how ale the paul is here, the rain is here, who's is going to get out of here? >> we want to know if you can get us some chicken wings, that's what we want to know. [ laughter ] >> we do have some rain for
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you, that's free. first i want to show you the bay lights. it's a shot of the bay bridge. look at the beautiful deal right now. 25,000 led lights. this is going to debut on march 3rd, i believe. but they're testing it out this week. and it looks pretty cool. going to be a light display every night on the bay bridge. rang just about everywhere. we'll focus -- raining just about everywhere. good evening to you in san jose, los gatos, redwood city, all getting light rain outside. current temperatures almost exactly where they were six hours ago. oakland 52, san francisco 51. all the cloud cover keeping us mild. we'll stay in the 40s. a lot of moisture coming up from the south and west. of it's encountering a front acting like
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a magnet and drawing it up to the north. a lot of shower activity to our south. you'll get breaks in between, but while you're sleeping, about 0.10 of an inch of rain. that moves out tomorrow, and high pressure will build in, but not for 1.5 weeks, only two days. dry for most of tomorrow, all of friday, then here comes another area of low pressure which will skirt by to the west and likely give us some showers coming up on sunday. temperatures as well will not be in the mid-60s like they have been. we're trending cooler, cloudier, and wetter over the next several days. showers tonight, done by sunrise tomorrow morning. but the roads will be dry for your ride to work tomorrow. showers rumble back in on sunday. sunday would be the better outdoor day over the weekend. san jose 61, low 60s for san mateo, hayward hits 61. vallejo, 60, 59 for simpson beach, and 60 for berkeley with
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some afternoon sunshine. friday looks nice to get outside. low 60s, clouding up on saturday. showers likely sunday morning. and next week, trending dry. not much rainfall out there, but there will be some rain tonight and also on sunday. >> thank you much. >> you can't get to the super bowl without a good team. >> and good teammates! >> that's right. i think this guy is nothing but a class act. alex smith! and he was asked today how he is preparing for the super bowl. and the warriors, you better stick around! there's something going on in oakland! ,,,, for the new mattress models,
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warriors made huge statemen for rosters spots tongiht..
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start the clock! with the all-stars being announced tomorrow, two warriors made huge statements for roster spots tonight. durant, his usual self. 8-point lead, but the warriors are resilient. the warriors take a 1-point lead. stephen curry had 31. but warriors win their third straight. curry, 31, him and lee got to get on that team. golden state wins. 49ers at the practice field. alex smith lost the job to kaepernick, but he went down with a concussion. he knows the same thing can happen to kaepernick. >> what are you doing to feel like you're making a difference? >> same thing i've been doing the last ten weeks. for me, my job is to prepare and be ready to go, one. and then two, anything else i can do.
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helping colin, anyone else on this team, in this locker room, that's my job. >> one of the players told me that there was a division in the locker room when harbaugh made that decision. since then they started winning, and everybody is on board. >> great attitude. ,,,, well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse.


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